Versatile Wax Powder

Natural exfoliants have gained more and more popularity in scrubbing products because of their sustainability. Cerafumei® Wax Beads RBW 5401P is obtained by grinding the rice bran wax which is derived from rice bran oil. It is smooth and mild with effective exfoliation.


These environment-friendly wax beads are suitable for facial cleaning products, lotions, scrubs, body care and other products, exactly biodegradable alternative to polyethylene plastic microbeads.

Cerafumei ®
RBW 5401P

Wax Beads

Cerafumei® Wax Beads RBW 5401P is derived from rice bran wax with no additional pigments. Thanks to its spherical shape, it provides very gentle yet effective exfoliation, which is very suitable for sensitive skin.

INCI: Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Wax


Particle Size(um):250-700 μm


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