Sustainable Operation

The concept of sustainable development runs through all aspects of Fumei’s operation and management. We embrace diversity, respect and protect human rights, protect the ecological environment by reducing pollution and waste, actively practice social responsibility to build a friendly, loving and harmonious community.
Safe and efficient production
Human rights
With the principle of “optimism, openness, freedom and responsibility”, Fumei respects and values the development and health of every employee.

Safe production environment
Fumei was named as “National Bee Product Security and Standardization Demonstration Base”,
“Security Standardization Enterprise (Level 3)” and “6S Management Demonstration Enterprise”

Regular team-building activities and training
Respect for diversity, the ratio of male to female employees is 4:3
Provide medical insurance for employees
“0” child labor
Build a friendly community,

participate in poverty alleviation to promote community development

While pursuing the enterprise’s development, Fumei also fulfills its social responsibility. Through charitable donations, targeted poverty alleviation, employee volunteer service and investment in infrastructure construction, Fumei takes actively participate in community development to help poverty-stricken areas get rid of poverty, improve the living standard of the community people, thus building a friendly, loving and harmonious community.

Accumulative donations $223,900.00+

Targeted poverty alleviation
Provide donation and job opportunities for poor households, offer holiday condolences, bear the tuition fees until graduation of poverty stricken students.

Plant 20,000 m² public welfare forest

Donate $149,254 for community infrastructure construction (roads, lighting facilities).