Honey Powder

Honey powder, also known as dry honey powder, is a solid powder prepared by filtering, microencapsulating technology, blending, concentrating, crystallizing, and drying high-quality honey. After the honey is made into honey powder, it not only retains the nutritional value of liquid honey, but also facilitates long-term transportation and storage and later deep processing and utilization. The successful research and development of honey powder has greatly improved the depth and breadth of the application of honey, a natural product, in the food processing industry, expanded the scope of use of natural honey, and fundamentally solved the food safety problem that liquid honey is difficult to use and cannot be guaranteed.

Honeycare ®

Honey Powder

Freeze-drying and micronized pure honey at 50-60% active matter, mixing with 50-40% dextrin.

Honey Content:50-60%


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